Administration of a third, booster shot of the vaccine against COVID-19 will begin in Serbia on Aug. 17, the Serbian cabinet has announced in a press release.

"Every vaccinated citizen will be able to receive a third (booster) dose 180 days after their second dose, and they will be invited to do so by SMS and email with a link to the eUprava website, where they may obtain more detailed information," the statement read.

The press release explains that the third dose will be available to any citizen who wants it, regardless of whether they belong to a category to whom a booster dose is recommended.

The cabinet further noted that citizens will have free choice of the vaccine for the booster, "considering that it is safe and possible to receive a booster dose different from the vaccine used in vaccination and revaccination."

The cabinet urged all citizens "to protect their own life and health, and the lives and health of everyone around them, and get their vaccines," as a great majority of hospitalized COVID patients are unvaccinated.


Photo: Beta